Sunday, November 15, 2009

S1E0 - The Pilot: Summary

We are excited to present our pilot episode! We are working out the kinks such as the show format and recording techniques to get to a better place. Regardless of our noobieness we hope you enjoy this first attempt.

This first episode we talk about Red Faction: Guerrilla's plot, Brutal Legend's game-play, have conversations about gaming in our lives, alignment systems, and review Torchlight, Demon's Souls, and Borderlands.


The Upside
  • Tactical Action RPG
  • Rewarding Challenge
  • Good Atmosphere
The Downside
  • Poor Camera Controls
  • Flawed Z-Lock System
  • Punishing When You're Already Struggling
  • Almost No Guidance 


The Upside
  • Solid Shooting Mechanics
  • Coop Fun
  • Great Art Style
  • Impressive Technology
  • Lots Of Cool Guns
The Downside
  • Empty, Dead World
  • No Plot To Speak Of
  • Minimal Gun Variation In Actual Play
  • Little Replay


The Upside
  • Pleasing Illustrative Style
  • Streamlined Game-Play and Systems
  • Impressive Randomized Dungeons
  • Cheap!
  • Nostalgic Music
  • Loot Whoring Mania
  • No Multiplayer
  • No Keymapping
  • Minimal Plot and Scope

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